Saving on Food: 10 Surprising Ways to Put Money Back in Your Pocket

saving on food

It is usually the small strategies and techniques that you can add to your daily routine to make a difference in how you put money back in your pocket for added savings on food.  Who doesn’t want to save money? Most consumers will tell you that they do. At times, all you need is to make a few changes. Below are ten surprising ways that you can save on food – ways that you may not have considered before. Even if it is just a few bucks of saving, it is still better than nothing at all.


  1. Purchase Discounted Roast

Before you go to the grocery store, find out if there are any discounts on roast. After making your purchase, you should go to the meat counter and ask them to cut up the roast in small grinded pieces for you. You could also do the cutting yourself if you own a meat grinder and end up with pounds of ground beef. You would then use the grinded meat to make juicy hamburgers. It would probably cost you more to buy ground beef. When you get home, divide the grinded meat into four batches and store separately in the freezer in different parcels. Use as needed.


  1. Non-Perishable Food

What non-perishable foods does your family eat on a regular basis? Find out which of those are on sale and buy in large quantities to stock up. You could find yourself with as much as 25 boxes of pasta, which will definitely come in handy when you have guests over.


  1. Cook Soup

Now that you are stocked up with non-perishable food items, you should consider cooking a large pot of soup, so much that you can freeze the rest in different containers. You could take some to work for lunch and use the rest for leftovers on evenings when you don’t feel like cooking from scratch. The fact that you are cooking such a large pot of soup means that you have bought bulk ingredients and hopefully, the ones on sale.


  1. Ethnic Grocery Shopping

Instead of buying from the large chain grocery stores in your area, why not shop at one of the ethnic grocery stores around the corner where you will often enjoy amazing discounts on specific food items that you love? For instance, when you go into an Asian food store, you will usually find that they sell rice in bulk at a discounted price.


  1. Your Shopping List

Be sure and make a shopping list before you go to the grocery store. It is true that this could save you money at the store. With a list, you are more inclined to look for the items that are on sale.


  1. Rotisserie Chicken

When you purchase cooked rotisserie chicken at the food store, you can save the fragments from the chicken for other use. Those pieces may include the gristle, the skin and the bones. You can use those to put in your pot of soup, avoiding the necessity for additional meat stock for your soup.


  1. Vegetable Scraps

Do the same thing for your vegetables. After you have cleaned your vegetables, use the fragments to make vegetable stock or stir fry or to put in your soup. You can freeze afterwards and heat up as needed.


  1. Stale Bread

While this may sound gross to some people, instead of throwing out your moldy bread, why not grate it and use as breadcrumbs when cooking. You can also make croutons for your salad and use it to bake bread pudding.


  1. Fast Weekend Meals

You can make your meals on weekends and enough to serve for every day of the week. You could boil your eggs, peel them and put back in the egg carton and refrigerate for future use. Each morning, you can have a hard-boiled egg for breakfast. You can do the same thing with other meals, preparing lasagnas, breaded chicken strips and easy finger foods for lunch during the week.


  1.  Eat Before Shopping

You may have heard not to go to the grocery store when you are hungry. This is true. You don’t want to buy on impulse, but from sensibility. When your stomach is full, you won’t splurge on unnecessary items.


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